Evanescence Listed as one of the Most Anticipated Rock Albums Of 2020

Jueves, Ene 2, 2020

There was some controversy when Billboard announced the songs, albums and artists that performed the best on the rock charts in 2019 (and throughout the past decade), as some of them didn’t fit squarely into what many people call “rock.” While that’s a debate for another time, many of the most exciting titles that should blast through speakers for the first time in 2020 couldn’t be described any other way.


It’s now been nine years since Evanescence released an album of original material, and fans have waited long enough to hear what perhaps the most successful hard rock band of the past two decades has been working on…but it’s not entirely clear if anything will materialize in 2020. Lead singer Amy Lee, who has been busy with her own personal projects, admitted in an interview that the group wants to share a new album this year, but suggestions have been made before, and until there’s a proper announcement, perhaps it’s best not to get too excited.

According to Amy Lee the album should be out in 2020 but no definite information has been provided at this time. We will keep you updated as more information because available to us.

Source: Amy Lee Fans