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¡Cambio de localidad para concierto en Argentina!

Ayer (26/12) la banda comunicó una importante noticia sobre la venta de entradas y la nueva localidad del concierto en Argentina. Además, al parecer ya existe información confirmada por una productora argentina del sistema de venta de entradas que se dispondrá. Esto fue lo que indicaron a través de Facebook:

“Debido a circunstancias fuera de nuestro control, el lugar de nuestro show en Argentina ha sido movido a Tecnopolis. Los tickets saldrán a la venta el 28 de Diciembre a las 10 AM hora local (de Argentina)!”

A pesar que aún en la pagina oficial de la banda no ha sido cambiado el lugar del show (actual Estadio Obras) y tampoco se ha dispuesto el sistema de venta, la productora argentina Fenix Entertainment Group publicó en Facebook que a partir del 28 de Diciembre se pueden adquirir las entradas por el sistema de venta de entradas www.topshow.com.ar y en sus puntos de venta:

¡Luego de un impresionante tour por Estados Unidos, regresa Evanescence a la Argentina!
El 2 de mayo podrás disfrutar un show repleto de éxitos en Tecnópolis.
Conseguí tus entradas a partir del 28 de diciembre en www.topshow.com.ar y en sus puntos de venta.
¡Te esperamos!

Más info de parte de la productora aquí.

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Amy Lee libera todos los videoclips de “Dream Too Much”

A través de sus redes sociales el viernes (23/12) pasado Amy Lee dio a estrenó el contenido visual completo, que incluye los videoclips animados, de su álbum infantil “Dream Too Much” por medio de la plataforma Amazon Video > http://amzn.to/2ihUF93.

Stream the entire album of animated videos for Dream Too Much NOW with Prime on @AmazonVideo. http://amzn.to/2ihUF93

La artista ganadora del GRAMMY Amy Lee, de Evanescence, trae su album infantil Dream Too Much a la vida en este especial animado de 30 minutos.

Protagonista: Amy Lee
Duración: 27 minutos
Disponible para verlo en dispositivos soportados dentro de U.S. y Puerto Rico.

Para ello también compartió el videoclip animado de “The End of The Book”:

Y Amazon Music compartió en Twitter un adelanto de “Stand By Me”:

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Kerrang!: Evanescence – The comeback interview!



See the full interview below:
continue reading

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Evanescence Heads To South America in April 2017!

We’re excited to announce we will be heading to South America in April 2017 for select dates.

20/04/2017 – Net Live @ Brasilia, BR
22/04/2017 – Vivo Rio @ Rio de Janeiro, BR
23/04/2017 – Espaço das Americas @ Sao Paulo, BR

Tickets go on-sale on December 20th!


And recently they confirmed Argentina!:

We’re excited to announce our performance at Estadio Obras on 5/2 in Buenos Aires! Tickets go on-sale December 21st!.

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Kerrang! K!lassic Albums: Amy Lee on The Open Door



(WIND-UP. 2006)

How Amy Lee conquered fame, fights and heartbreak to guide Evanescence into the future…

See the full review of Amy below:
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How Evanescence’s Best New Artist Win Championed The Outcasts

Lead singer Amy Lee on winning the music equivalent of an Olympic gold medal and her Zoolander moment with 50 Cent

(The Recording Academy asked recipients of the Best New Artist GRAMMY to share firsthand accounts of winning one of music’s biggest awards. In this installment, Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee details the band’s win for 2003. The other artists nominated for Best New Artist at the46th GRAMMY Awards were 50 Cent, Fountains Of Wayne, Heather Headley, and Sean Paul.) (As told to Lisa Zhito)

I was definitely hoping [Evanescence] would have a nomination for something, but was shocked when I found out that we were nominated for five [GRAMMYs]. I couldn’t believe it. It was so fun to call my parents and tell them that news, we were all screaming!

See the video in this link > HERE

My music is very much from, for and about the outcasts, the girl in the corner. We’re not the cool kids. So to feel so appreciated on such a huge, respected and historical platform was basically a way better version of Carrie winning prom queen. Without the pig’s blood.

We all thought that 50 Cent was going to win Best New Artist. I think everybody did. When 50 Cent started walking toward the stage in the middle of my acceptance speech, it seemed exactly like that moment in Zoolander where Hansel wins the modeling award but Derek is so sure that he’s going to win he doesn’t notice they called the other guy’s name.

50 walked up, stopped well before reaching us at the podium, walked across the stage in front of us, and went back into the audience. It was so weird! Maybe he was planning to say something and then chickened out, or he did it to win a bet or something. It looked a little like he was trying not to smile. All in all, it just made a crazy moment even crazier.

A GRAMMY is like an Olympic gold medal for musicians. It gives you credibility, respect — dubs you a master of your craft. I think being lifted up by the GRAMMYs has shined a brighter light on us so more people have taken notice of my music, my band. I feel very honored to have been recognized and appreciated that way by other artists, producers [and] professionals in the music industry.

(Amy Lee is a two-time GRAMMY winner as the lead singer of Evanescence. In September Lee released her debut children’s music album, Dream Too Much.)

Source: Grammy’s

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