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Sonic Seducer Magazine interview Amy Lee about Synthesis

Amy Lee - Sonic Seducer Magazine

Today Sonic Seducer Magazine released a video interview with Amy Lee talking about the new Evanescence album “Synthesis”. The full story is coming in the Sonic Seducer issue from November.

Watch the video and the transcription below:

“I’m not sure if there was one moment where I had the thought. It’s just grown. It’s an idea that started from something small that grew into a much bigger idea. Generally our music, our sound is made up of a lot of different pieces. It’s a rock band but it’s also got this symphonic cinematic classical inspired stuff going on and it’s also got all this electronic programming, that’s always been part of our music.

“The thing is when you have that big heavy rock band going on all the time a lot of the little pieces of the layers become just part of the landscape and they’re kind of buried and you’re not hearing all those specific details.
“So, honestly every time we’ve made an album pretty much, there’s some point at the end where I’m going “man I wish I had a mix like just for myself of all those beautiful David Campbell arrangements, the electronic programming and the vocals, that’s it”. Just because like I want to hear it all we’ve worked on all these pieces that by the end get a little bit overshadowed”.

Amy Lee - Sonic Seducer Magazine

“And so that was the initial thought maybe in my head a long long time ago and at this point the thought really was just, you know what; “I can do whatever I want with my music, why not?”.

“It definitely takes a lot of energy to make this music. It’s very dramatic and generally like I love that I want to feel. But I don’t always crave that much drama in music. It’s one of those things where sometimes I actually the older I get especially gravitate towards something that’s a little bit lighter in some way like a little bit easier on the soul. I don’t know how to explain that or to find that exactly but this was indulgent in every way on the drama side like let’s make an epic film score version of Evanescence, she laughs”.

Amy Lee - Sonic Seducer Magazine

“That’s an interesting question, what do I need to feel inspired?

“I guess, hmm, it’s interesting. I sort of need to feel like there’s no rules like I can break whatever rule like if I’m supposed to do something I’m not going to want to do it. That’s why, I guess, part of the reason we haven’t gone through the traditional like time line I think that a lot of artists feel like they have to stick to. As far as like putting out an album and then like the next year you’re doing it again or whatever that thing is. I need to feel the ability to run away and find myself again and decide what I have to say before doing it.

I think that’s the most important thing for me. And I feel like there’s no expectation necessarily on what it has to sound like. I need to give myself the freedom to try stuff even if it’s crazy and know that I’m allowed to do anything, I think”.

The magazine also offer:

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