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Track-By-Track of Synthesis – Part 1

Track by Track 1

Through the official facebook of the band Amy Lee will be doing a track-by-track of the album Synthesis. Read the first four songs here:

“That progression includes bits from some of our earliest music, including ‘Whisper,’ which was one of the first songs we ever recorded and anyone ever heard from us.”

“We were writing the song as the 2011 earthquake and tsunami was hitting Tohoku, Japan. We needed some lyrics for a very dramatic, very heavy-sounding song. Watching those images on the news, we had this empathy, so those feelings just came out of me, wondering what I would feel like in that position. The reason it’s on this album is because of its nature. That bridge piano part is one of the most dramatic classical elements in our music, and I always visualized it as a piece. To take it, accentuate it, and go all the way with that idea was really satisfying. We took that piano bridge part and used it as the intro to this new version, then allowed the orchestra to really take over, just as I always heard it in my head. It wasn’t supposed to be the first song on the album, but I realized using that one piano note was the simplest place to start. It gave the album so much room to grow, sonically and musically. And the vocal, singing from a dark place, leading to the light, was exactly the right way to start. That was a last-minute choice, instead of what we’d planned originally, using the ‘Unraveling’ intro into ‘Imaginary.’


“This is one of the two ‘new’ songs on the album. I first wrote it 10 years ago with [producer] Will [Hunt], it was the first thing we ever did together. We were friends who connected over our ideas on music and musical tastes, so we decided to go into the studio and spend a day or so to see if we had any chemistry, and that’s where this song comes from. I’ve loved it ever since. I’ve always had it at the top of my pile to release, but it never quite fit, it was never finished. The song is now finally home. I imagined it with strings and a full orchestra in that epic place. And it all came together. Then Lindsey Stirling played that beautiful violin solo. It really takes Will and I back to our own beginnings as collaborators.”

“This song was inspired by a story I watched on sex trafficking, which took me to a horrible, dark place that is just so incredibly common. It’s heartbreaking. What’s cool about this song is it’s returning home to its original form, musically. I first wrote that song with a harp and a drum loop. The piano which drove the song on Evanescence was a harp part, and by the time we added the band to it, it speeded up and turned out more of a rocker than a ballad. It went too fast for me to play on harp, which you couldn’t hear in the mix, so instead, I played it on piano. For this album, we took out the piano, and replaced it with the harp, which was played by the woman [Kirsten Agresta Copely] who originally taught me to play. We then had her harmonize in a duet with the piano before the vocals come back in.”



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