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Evanescence played Synthesis version of “Weight Of The World”


Photo by Andy Argyrakis

In the show last night (30/11), which took place at the Chicago Theater in Chicago, Illinois Evanescence played for the first time “Weight Of The World” song that is part of the album “The Open Door”, in a version in the style of the album Synthesis.

Watch the performance here:

Chicago Theatre

Evanescence Setlist at Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA

Orchestra opening

1. Moonlight Sonata (Ludwig van Beethoven cover)
2. Pavane (Gabriel Fauré cover)
3. Adagio Cantabile (Ludwig van Beethoven cover)
4. La strada (Nino Rota cover)
5. Lacrimosa (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart cover)
6. Sally’s Song (Danny Elfman cover)

Evanescence with orchestra: Synthesis

7. Overture
8. Never Go Back
9. Lacrymosa
10. End of the Dream
11. My Heart Is Broken
12. Lithium
13. Bring Me to Life
14. Unraveling
15. Imaginary
16. Secret Door
17. Hi-Lo
18. Lost in Paradise
19. Your Star
20. My Immortal
21. The In-Between
22. Imperfection


23. Speak to Me (Amy Lee song)
24. Good Enough
25. Weight of the World

Source: Setlist.fm

How about this version of “Weight Of The World”, do you like this new version of Synthesis or the original one?



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