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Track-By-Track of Synthesis – Part 2

Track by Track 2

Through the official facebook of the band Amy Lee is doing a track-by-track of the album Synthesis. Read the second part with four more songs here:

“The original was based on Mozart’s ‘Requiem’ and the movie Amadeus, which is why it was a natural choice to include. It was something I’d wanted to do for a long time before we did it on The Open Door album. ‘Lacrymosa’ is one of my favorite pieces of classical music. I’ve always been proud of the song. To do it now, and get to pump up the orchestra and classical music aspect of it, feels really good. I threw in a little bit of opera in there instead of the choir in the original. I feel like it’s a cool piece of who I am. Not on a corny level, just a teeny-tiny taste.”

“We only get one life, which is so fleeting and fragile. The song is about getting this limited amount of time, and love is so important, these feelings we experience. You can’t live your life afraid to be hurt. You’re going to get your heart broken, but it’s a part of life we all must experience. You have to feel, even if it’s hard, but it’s worth it. That’s the whole point of life.”

“We’ve been playing this song for the past 15 years, and it’s grown past the original recording. When we first recorded it, I was 20 and still getting used to the words, the style and the notes. Everything about it was new. There’s something wonderful about doing a song for the first time, when it’s fresh. After playing it so often, I know what it means… “It was our introduction to the public, but with all that history and experience, things just change. The way that I’m able to sing it has changed. I never did love the rap [by 12 StonesPaul McCoy]. That’s just not the way I heard the song. It’s still jarring to me. We fought the label on it. I felt it was a dramatic contrast to what we really were as a band. We’ve played that song for years now without that male vocal. To not have it there isn’t weird to me at all, but I realize it will be unusual for a lot of people. This is just a great opportunity to do the song in a more classic, Evanescence way. To hear it the way the song was born. It’s about hope, being in a place that’s too hard and not wanting to be alone. I’m calling out for something more, for change. I’m stuck in the dark and I need to see the light. But it’s also a love song. I’m writing about my now-husband when I was in a bad relationship with somebody else and wanting to reach out to him. And what’s cool about it is, now we’re married. It was something worth fighting for. And now, 10 years later, it’s come full circle.

EVANESCENCE - Inside Synthesis Episode 1 - IntroductionUNRAVELING (INTERLUDE)
“I saw this as the intro to ‘Imaginary.’ It was loosely inspired by a part of ‘Moonlight Sonata,’ I’m a Beethoven fan. It’s extremely expressive. That’s one of the first big, hard, classical pieces I wanted to learn how to play while studying classical piano. Everybody knows the hook of ‘Moonlight Sonata,’ but there’s a section with this beautiful, ascending piano part that has always been my favorite. And I think you can hear that.”


Source: Evanescence Facebook



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