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The Best Moments from 2017


Is that time of the year where we rewind the best moments from 2017, so here we have 7 favs moments we consider are important for us and the band history.

1. South American Tour

What was your best moment of 2017?. For me, without a doubt is the tour of the band through South America!. The band visited some countries of South America last year beginning with Brazil (Brasilia) on April 20 ending in Chile (Santiago) on May 4.

SHOWS 2017

20/04/2017 – Net Live @ Brasilia, Brazil (Tickets)

22/04/2017 – Vivo Rio @ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Tickets)

23/04/2017 – Espaço das Americas @ Sao Paulo, Brazil (Tickets)

27/04/2017 – Agora Casa de la Cultura @ Quito, Ecuador (Tickets)

29/04/2017 – Festival Vivo El Rock @ Lima, Perú (Tickets)

02/05/2017 – Tecnopolis @ Buenos Aires, Argentina (Tickets)

04/05/2017 – Movistar Arena @ Santiago, Chile (Tickets)

Here some of the most memorable moments of the tour:

2. Release of Synthesis


On November 10, the band released his fourth studio album in which they re-made much of the band’s catalog in an epic way mixing synthesizers and orchestra. The production was in charge of Will B. Hunt and the arrangements by the great David Campbell.What is your favorite song on this album?. Vote your fav here.

Want more about Synthesis?, see here.

3. “Weight Of The World” gets a Synthesis Live version

Another highlight was the Synthesis version of “Weight Of The World”. The original song of “The Open Door” got a live version during the Synthesis tour. Did you like this version?

4. Music Video of “Imperfection”

On October 19, the long-awaited video clip of “Imperfection”, one of the two original songs included in Synthesis, was released. The visual idea behind the video represents the mind of someone who is in trouble and wants to end their life, so the song wants to be a voice of help for those who have gone through ideas of suicide. If you feel lonely and can not want more, be quiet we can all go through hard times. Speak and seek help.
The direction was in charge of the photographer and director of “Sweet Sacrifice” Paul Brown, who also made the art of the album and recorded one of the live presentations of Synthesis to prepare a live DVD. The music video already accumulates 8.7 million views on YouTube.

5. “Hi-Lo” and its Live Version

“Hi-Lo” also took the looks both in their studio version and their live performance. The song is a collaboration with the famous violinist Lindsey Stirling. We are still waiting for the longed moment where the band shares the stage with the violinist.

6. My favorite Synthesis song, “Lacrymosa”

One of the songs that was naturally conceived for Synthesis was “Lacrymosa” and it worked! Personally it is my favorite both in its study version and live. It perfectly combines the two contrasts of the album, synthesizers and orchestra, and also has this essence of “Lacrimosa” by Mozart.

7. New Wardrobe

We are used to seeing Amy Lee‘s new dresses live and this was no exception. Here we highlight some of the dresses that Amy wore during the Synthesis tour.


Do you have another favorite moment in mind? Comment here or on your social networks.



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