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Evanescence meets ex-guitarist Terry Balsamo

During the second part of the Synthesis tour, a surprise meeting was held in Jacksonville on August 19, one day before the show. The band met with the ex-guitarist and composer of Evanescence, Terry Balsamo, in the place where he currently lives.

The images began to appear, on Instagram, and the publications of the members didn’t wait to express their affection for Terry. Even, the current guitarist, Jen Majura met him and joked about the moment.

Amy Lee on Instagram


Alright, alright, I’m not gonna be the only one not to post my @terrybalsamo666 selfie. Love you forever, Sweet T!

Jen Majura on Instagram


Dear Evanescence Fans!
Yesterday was a very special day for me and I admit that I was very very nervous to meet this person. It’s always tough to fill the shoes of a person that has been writing history together with a band for so many years! I have never met Terry before and when I heard he was coming to the show I was excited.
All I can say is that I met a very nice, sweet and humble person. It was a bit weird as well and the whole day I didn’t really know where to put myself. It made me happy to see Terry with Amy and the boys though 🤗
In the end I was very glad that I got the chance to finally meet Terry after all these years and spend a little time with him. Thank you Terry for coming by, hanging out and watching the show 💕it meant a lot to me 😌

Tim McCord on Instagram


It’s great to see my brother from another mother. The one and only Terry Balsamo!


Last night was fantastic! Our friend, our brother, Terry Balsamo graced us with his presence. Nowhere can you find a better bandmate, songwriter, and overall awesome person than this guy. Thank you for making my night, Terry, we love you.

Troy McLawhorn on Instagram


Excited to be in Jacksonville, FL. today. Hung out with Terry Balsamo last night and had a blast. It has been too long since we have seen each other. I miss him a lot!

Will Hunt on Instagram


This just happened…..

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