[EXCLUSIVE] Premiere of the new Remix from Evanescence Channel

Sábado, Mar 23, 2019

Mick Scissorhands and Axel Letelier (aka Ivolier) have been working on this experiment/collaboration through Evanescence Channel for more than three months, which crosses several artists including We Are The Fallen, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil and now Korn.

In addition, they accumulate more than 173,000 views and almost a thousand comments on YouTube in this short time.

And we are pleased to premiere exclusively on EvTod the new remix and soon an extensive interview. You can’t miss this!.

What can you tell us about this new collaboration, remix?

Mick: This work is a bit more ambitious because it mixes several other artists. It’s Skrillex, Korn and Evanescence. Skrillex on the heavy electronic side, Korn on the heavy rock side and male voice and Evanescence that brings “Going Under” with her voice and harmonies.

Axel: It so happens that the songs and the times were almost exact. It’s as if they had been made to be mixed. The idea is to open the possibilities to other genres.

All the possibilities are very latent.

In exclusive in EvTod we bring you this remix that will leave your hair on edge.

Evanescence – Narcissistic Cannibal & Going Under ft. Korn/Skrillex (Audio)

We can’t wait for the next thing to come!. Stay tuned to our website for the full interview and surprises.

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