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Evanescence’s Stage Gear Set on Fire After Knotfest Mexico Cancelation

Safety issues at Knotfest Meets Forcefest in Mexico caused both Evanescence and Slipknot to cancel their sets, which left some attendees angry as they turned to destruction to vent their frustrations. Amid the chaos, Evanescence‘s onstage gear was set on fire.

The cancelations were the result of a broken barricade, which organizers attempted to repair so the festival could resume. Unfortunately, there was no way to fix the damaged barrier in time as Slipknot expressed the safety of both bands and fans was “priority number one” as they regretfully were unable to take the stage as scheduled.

As seen in a video shared on Facebook, festival attendees overstepped the barricade as they made their way onstage, picking apart Evanescence‘s equipment, which was already set up. The drums were piled up and set ablaze as others looked on.

Despite the carnage, Evanescence acknowledged this was not a reflection of all of their fans in Mexico.

“Even though we are devastated by the destruction of our instruments and gear, we do not see the violent end to last night as a representation of our Mexican fans, or the Mexican people,” said the band, continuing, “50,000 people were there, and sadly a handful of them turned to anger and violence after the cancellation. You have shown us an incredible amount of love from the very beginning, and we will always come back for you.”

Evanescence recently experienced other equipment issues when they were in Russia. Their equipment truck got into an accident, delaying the arrival of their gear. After already postponing the show once, the group made the decision to perform an improved acoustic set.

Source: Loudwire



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