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Nuevo album de Evanescence saldria en Otoño

Nuevo album de Evanescence saldria en Otoño

Amy Lee

En una reciente entrevista con Rolling Stones donde Amy Lee habló acerca de “Speak To Me”, su más reciente single que es parte de la banda sonora de Voice From The Stone, se indica al final de la nota que Lee esta de vuelta en el estudio con Evanescence y que el nuevo álbum saldría en Otoño (Septiembre ~ Noviembre)!.

In addition to “Speak to Me” and her recent solo work, Lee is back in the studio with Evanescence working on the band’s new LP, due out this fall.


Además de “Speak to Me” y su reciente trabajo en solitario, Lee está de vuelta en el estudio con Evanescence trabajando en el nuevo LP de la banda, que saldrá este otoño.

Recordemos que anteriormente el sitio (14 de Febrero) indicó que los publicistas de Amy Lee les dijeron que la banda estaba de vuelta en el estudio trabajando en nueva música y que estaba prevista para fin de año.

According to Amy Lee’s publicists at Mercenary Publicity, the EVANESCENCE singer and her bandmates are currently in the studio working on new music, expected later this year.


Según los publicistas de Amy Lee de Mercenary Publicity, la cantante de EVANESCENCE y sus compañeros de banda están actualmente en el estudio trabajando en música nueva, prevista para finales de este año.

Kerrang!: Evanescence – The comeback interview!

Kerrang!: Evanescence – The comeback interview!



See the full interview below:
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Kerrang! K!lassic Albums: Amy Lee on The Open Door

Kerrang! K!lassic Albums: Amy Lee on The Open Door



(WIND-UP. 2006)

How Amy Lee conquered fame, fights and heartbreak to guide Evanescence into the future…

See the full review of Amy below:
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How Evanescence’s Best New Artist Win Championed The Outcasts

How Evanescence’s Best New Artist Win Championed The Outcasts

Lead singer Amy Lee on winning the music equivalent of an Olympic gold medal and her Zoolander moment with 50 Cent

(The Recording Academy asked recipients of the Best New Artist GRAMMY to share firsthand accounts of winning one of music’s biggest awards. In this installment, Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee details the band’s win for 2003. The other artists nominated for Best New Artist at the46th GRAMMY Awards were 50 Cent, Fountains Of Wayne, Heather Headley, and Sean Paul.) (As told to Lisa Zhito)

I was definitely hoping [Evanescence] would have a nomination for something, but was shocked when I found out that we were nominated for five [GRAMMYs]. I couldn’t believe it. It was so fun to call my parents and tell them that news, we were all screaming!

See the video in this link > HERE

My music is very much from, for and about the outcasts, the girl in the corner. We’re not the cool kids. So to feel so appreciated on such a huge, respected and historical platform was basically a way better version of Carrie winning prom queen. Without the pig’s blood.

We all thought that 50 Cent was going to win Best New Artist. I think everybody did. When 50 Cent started walking toward the stage in the middle of my acceptance speech, it seemed exactly like that moment in Zoolander where Hansel wins the modeling award but Derek is so sure that he’s going to win he doesn’t notice they called the other guy’s name.

50 walked up, stopped well before reaching us at the podium, walked across the stage in front of us, and went back into the audience. It was so weird! Maybe he was planning to say something and then chickened out, or he did it to win a bet or something. It looked a little like he was trying not to smile. All in all, it just made a crazy moment even crazier.

A GRAMMY is like an Olympic gold medal for musicians. It gives you credibility, respect — dubs you a master of your craft. I think being lifted up by the GRAMMYs has shined a brighter light on us so more people have taken notice of my music, my band. I feel very honored to have been recognized and appreciated that way by other artists, producers [and] professionals in the music industry.

(Amy Lee is a two-time GRAMMY winner as the lead singer of Evanescence. In September Lee released her debut children’s music album, Dream Too Much.)

Source: Grammy’s

19 Questions About Love and Death with ​Evanescence’s Amy Lee

19 Questions About Love and Death with ​Evanescence’s Amy Lee

The singer of everyone’s favourite goth rock band schools us on two of life’s most unavoidable and mysterious concepts.

Evanescence are omnipresent, kind of like oxygen or a general sense of dread. Whether you’ve stuck with them over the years – or the introductory tinkle of their 2003 hit single “Bring Me To Life” still sends you back to afternoons spent in your childhood living room recording music videos on Kerrang! to a VHS – this unassuming rock band from Arkansas have come to define an era where everyone in the charts had a chinbeard or a corset on.

Their operatically-charged rock – complete with what we can now describe as an ICONIC video in which vocalist Amy Lee dangles perilously from the window of a high rise building like a brave civilian in a Marvel film – has bagged them multi-million album sales, two Grammys, and a meme-like status in modern society. Most recently, “Bring Me To Life” was reinterpreted by Jon Sudano – man, YouTuber, saviour of 2016 – who gave it a lease of life by singing the lyrics to Smash Mouth’s “All Star” over the top. Considering he’s done the same with more recent pop smashers like Adele’s “Hello” and Taylor Swift’s “22”, it’s telling that a cover of a thirteen-year-old nu metal single is, by a landslide, the most popular thing he’s ever done. But why? What is it about Evanescence that makes people feel so warm and cosy inside? As Sudano said when I put that very question to him in an interview recently: “Once two hits from the late 90s/early 2000s collided together, it triggered something in everyone’s brains reminding them just how cool shockproof CD players and JNCO jeans were.”

As usual, Sudano is absolutely right. Their band name may mean “quickly fading or disappearing”, but appreciation for Evanescence has only increased over time. Evanescence are an emotional safe place. They are a soothing bedrock in a scary and unpredictable world. In light of recent events, their compositions have the requisite level of drama we need to emote vicariously through. Having fully embraced her recent motherhood, Amy Lee just released an album of lullabies so children may also experience this sense of existential comfort, lending the vocal chords that brought you “Wake me up inside!” to ukulele-driven songs with lyrics like “There’s a monkey in the band, the muffins are sleepy”.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know shit about anything. I can barely scan an onion through a self-service machine without setting off three alarms calling for assistance, let alone figure out what a functioning relationship is. I need help and guidance to get through this thing called life. So, with a celebratory boxset and a new (yes, new!) single called “Even In Death” on the way – plus a tangerine hate-monger about to enter The White House and cause everyone a lot of stress – we figured now would be an optimum moment to call Amy Lee and ask her a bunch of questions about two of the worlds most unavoidable and most mysterious concepts: love and death.

Noisey: Hi Amy Lee! So, let’s start with the basics, shall we. What is love?
Amy Lee: Ah yes, so simple. “What is love?” People have been asking that question since the beginning of time trying to figure it out. I think love is putting somebody else before yourself.

If you love someone but they don’t love you back does it still count?
Of course!

When did you first fall in love?
I was obsessed with this boy Wade in the first grade. I don’t know if you could call it real love, but I thought it was at the time. His mum once brought cookies or something to class, and she walked out of the room and I burst out of my seat and chased her down the hallway and said, “Hey Mrs… (I don’t remember her last name) I just have to tell you something. It’s important. I just need you to know. I really like your son.” And she looked at me and said, “Aww, thank you for telling me!” And I was like “Ok, that’s all, don’t tell him, bye.” That was the height of my bravery in love.

Have you ever tried to make someone fall in love with you?
Sure. But usually it was by being the girl in the corner. My way was never to come on strong, it was to be the opposite of all the people doing that. Like, you know what, everyone else is gonna be all up in your face, I’m just going to sit here and do some awesome sketch until you notice how amazing I am on your own.

If music is the food of love, what is the food of death?
They both could be music? It would have to be a literal thing to make you die, but whether it’s the most wonderful or terrible emotion I think music aids and soothes it all.

Are you scared of love?
No it’s wonderful.

Are you scared of death?
I’m not scared to die but I’m scared of the separation that death causes.

Do you believe in live after death?

Do you believe in life after love?
Ask Cher.

Why do we obsess over these two aspects of life more than any other?
They’re both beyond our understanding. Death especially. It’s not like you know anyone who’s ever been there and come back. It’s terrifying in a lot of ways. It’s this thing that happens to every single person who has ever walked on earth, but we don’t know what it’s going to look like. One of the most fascinating things about life, I think, is death. And love can completely change you. It can make you physically ill, it’s such an amazing force. It’s also something we can’t see or control.

Is it possible to die because you love too much?
I think your actions can definitely lead you to do things that will take you there.

What is the greatest love song of all time?
“All is Full of Love” by Bjork.

Have you ever died in a dream you’ve had?
Yes. People have all these rules about dreams like you can’t die or if you die you wake up, but none of them apply to me. I’m a very vivid dreamer, it’s the weirdest thing. I’ll dream that I woke up, brush my teeth, picked out my specific outfit that’s right over there on my suitcase – and then I’ll wake up, like “None of that happened? Ugh. I have to do it all over again!” Usually if I die in a dream the rest of the dream is darkness and I’ll hear music or something…

Have you ever written a song in a dream?
Yes. You know how in dreams you can kind of dictate what you do? Like you’re about to walk into a room and you know there’s something scary in there and you start thinking really hard about it. It’s the same thing with this. It feels in the dream like you’re listening but you know to some degree that you’re creating. I’m subconsciously writing but it feels like I’m just listening to music. It doesn’t happen very often, but I wrote a song called “Secret Door” that way. I heard the music and woke up and I drove to the studio, didn’t get changed or brush my teeth or anything, and recorded it so I wouldn’t forget. The cover I did of “With or Without You” happened that way too. I heard these big synths and the melody being different…

If you were a character in an action film which would you be?

Do you believe in the soul?
Of course.

Do you believe in soul mates?
I don’t know… I think love is bigger than just this one person that you can’t control and you don’t have to work for it you just automatically love each other. Love is something you have to actively do.

Does love feel different as you get older?
Yeah. It goes deeper, it means more, especially when you develop history with someone it’s something you can’t replace.

In Titanic, a film about love and death, Rose drops Jack into the sea. Should she have made room for him on the door? Don’t you think they both could’ve fit?
No! She had to drop him so she could survive, because that’s what she knew he would want.

Yeah, screw Jack! Thanks Amy Lee.

Source: Noisey

Amy Lee en Loudwire: “Hay Evanescence en el futuro”

<strong>Amy Lee</strong> en <strong>Loudwire</strong>: “Hay Evanescence en el futuro”

Amy Lee habló del futuro de Evanescence con Loudwire. Revisa la traducción de la entrevista, junto con el vídeo aquí.

¡Tenemos buenas noticias para los fans de Evanescence!. La reina del rock, Amy Lee, recientemente vino a nuestro estudio para una entrevista y prometió a sus fans que “hay Evanescence en el futuro”.

En Halloween del 2015, nosotros reportamos que Amy Lee no tenía planes para hacer un album nuevo de Evanescence. La cantante se ha enfocado estos dos años en ser mamá, en trabajar en varias canciones cinematográficas y hacer covers de unas canciones clásicas. En Agosto del 2016, Evanescence emocionó a sus fans cuando anunció un tour al largo mes en los Estados Unidos pero todavía no está claro que vendrá en el futuro.

Amablemente, Amy nos dio pistas de algunos de los planes para el futuro. “Hay Evanescence en el futuro”, comienza Lee.
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¡Amy Lee y su padre John en Radio!

¡Amy Lee y su padre John en Radio!

Amy Lee anunció a través de sus redes sociales que se presentara con su papá John Lee en radio mañana, además también se presentara en una entrevista en vivo con los fans en AOL Build Series.

La cantante junto con su padre John Lee se presentarán en el programa radial de Sirius XM, The Absolutely Mindy Show. El programa se trasmitirá a las 9:30 AM ET y estarán tocando canciones del disco “Dream Too Much”:



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¡Amy Lee en sesion de preguntas y respuestas con los fans en Reddit!

¡<strong>Amy Lee</strong> en sesion de preguntas y respuestas con los fans en Reddit!

Amy LeeAmy Lee hizo una extensa sesión de preguntas y respuestas con los fans en Reddit el jueves pasado en la que habló de TODO!.
Iré actualizando a medida que vaya traduciendo. Paciencia que el tiempo que tengo disponible es poco :/.


Hola Reddit. Emocionada de hacer una parada aquí y responder todas sus preguntas hoy. Echale un vistazo a mi nueva canción Dream Too Much de mi proximo album infantil, “Dream Too Much”, exclusivamente en Amazon. Pre-ordena el album en Amazon!.

Y mantente en contacto conmigo en Instagram, Twitter, y Facebook. Revisa mi sitio web para noticias y actualizaciones sobre mi también!. Estaré aquí a las 3pm ET para responder sus preguntas, y ¡estoy deseando que llegue!.


PD – Gracias a u/courtiebabe420 por preparar esto para mi hoy.

Vamos a seguir adelante!

Amy Lee: Hola a todos, que pasa!! Hagámoslo :).

EndOfTheDream: Hola Amy! He sido un gran fan de ti y Evanescence durante casi más de una década. Mi disco favorito es el homónimo y mi canción favorita es End Of The Dream (que es mi nombre de usuario!) y me preguntaba por qué ustedes no la han tocado nunca en vivo? Me muero por escucharlo!.

Además, vamos a realmente tener que esperar por siempre por “Your Love”?.

Amy Lee: Es casi imposible de cantar. Me encanta esa canción también! Necesito un par adicional de los pulmones para hacerla en vivo en medio de un espectáculo. Hemos estado tocando setlist más largos que nunca, y eso me encanta. He descubierto que puedo hacer más si escogemos el setlist correcto. Si End of the Dream estuviera en el set, tendría que eliminar algunas otras y probablemente tomar una siesta y un aperitivo después jaja. Y sí creo que podría ;).

FallenxGuardian: Amy,
Antes de hacer mi pregunta, yo sólo quería decir que he sido un fan tuyo desde 2003. Tu música me ha ayudado a través de muchas de mis retos personales. Tu música me ha ayudado a afrontar mi homosexualidad ante mis padres y amigos; la universidad; rupturas; mi intento de suicidio; mis proyectos; y más recientemente, mi trastorno de estrés postraumático y la depresión asociadas con el servicio militar. Cuando siento que quiero renunciar al mundo, soy capaz de escuchar tus discos y escapar del mundo y empoderarme por tus canciones.

¿Cuando te sientes perdida, sola, o sin inspiración qué artista te gusta escuchar?, ¿a quién escucha cuando estás feliz?.

Una vez más, gracias por tu música. Eres una talentosa compositora/cantante/músico. Siempre es un placer verte en concierto :).

Amy Lee: Gracias por compartir eso. Esta vida no es fácil. Es difícil sentirse bien veces pero he encontrado que una gran parte es hacerle frente a ella en tu perspectiva. No se puede controlar lo que te sucede, pero puedes elegir como te sientes/reaccionas. Espero que las cosas empiecen a mejorar. Cuando estoy triste, a veces no quiero escuchar música en absoluto, sólo sentir y estar en silencio. Pero luego, otras veces necesito desesperadamente la música. Cuando estoy feliz, soy una idiota.

TRISTE: Portishead. Tori. Deathcab. Mad World (versión de Gary Jules).
DERECHO PARA ARRIBA FELIZ: Higher and higher (jackie wilson), cualquiera de Stevie Wonder o de Huey Lewis! ja.
RUDA FELIZ: Freedom de Beyonce, Bitch Better Have My Money, Dangerous woman, Black Cat de Janet Jackson.

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Amy Lee cuenta como se hizo “Dream Too Much” junto con su familia

<strong>Amy Lee</strong> cuenta como se hizo <em>“Dream Too Much”</em> junto con su familia

Hoy Domingo (25) el sitio Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette publicó una entrevista con Amy Lee. En ella habla sobre Dream Too Much, su nuevo album infantil, sobre como se logró el disco y se involucró toda su familia. En la entrevista también se habla del lamentable diagnostico de Parkinson de su padre y del boxset vinilo de Evanescence.

Amy LeeUn regalo para el cumpleaños número 60 del padre de la cantante de Evanescence Amy Lee se convirtió en algo completamente distinto.
Dream Too Much, el divertido e ingenioso disco infantil de 12 canciones — que será lanzado por Amazon Originals el Viernes — comenzó como un simple viaje al estudio Spaceway Productions en Fort Worth con su padre, John, y su tío, Tom.

Los Lee, quienes se mudaron a Maumelle cuando Amy tenía 13 años, ustedes saben que son un puñado musical. John, un DJ y locutor, toca un gran número de instrumentos, y Tom toca con una banda llamada The Tree Frogs en Orlando, Florida. Incluso habían estado en un grupo juntos cuando estaban en la escuela secundaria, por lo que pensaron realmente que entrar al estudio juntos después de todos estos años sería una humorada.

Como bonus, la música sería también un regalo para Jack, el pequeño hijo de Amy.

Portada Dream Too MuchAsí que gracias a la sugerencia de su esposo, Josh Hartzler, el tiempo fue agendado con su amigo productor Will Hunt en Fort Worth y los Lee grabarían un par de temas y estaría listo. ¡Felíz cumpleaños papá!.
Pero, como Amy, de 34 años, explica, algo hizo clic y el proyecto privado de una sola vez se convirtió en un álbum de gran escala, aunque uno dirigido a los más pequeños. “Fuimos y tuvimos una sesión por un par de días y lo pasamos muy bien”, dice desde su hogar en Brooklyn. “Estaba sonando muy bien y se convirtió en una bola de nieve llegando a un disco entero que es el anunciado actualmente. Es realmente bello, algo natural”.

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