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NEWS.COM.AU: Evanescence have removed the “compromise” rap from biggest hit

Amy Lee of US band Evanescence is touring Australia — with a full orchestra — next year. Picture: Sony Source: Supplied

Amy Lee of US band Evanescence is touring Australia — with a full orchestra — next year. Picture: Sony Source: Supplied

Re-recording their biggest hits with an orchestra means Evanescence’s Amy Lee has been able to remove *that* rap from Bring Me to Life

EVANESCENCE’S Amy Lee is rewriting history on the band’s new album.

Their fourth release Synthesis is the opposite of an unplugged effort — rather Lee has re-recorded the band’s old material an even more dramatic and bombastic manner, with a full orchestra and heavy electronics.

That includes their breakthrough 2003 hit Bring Me To Life. And there’s something missing from the version you know — that rap, by guest vocalist Paul McCoy.

“God bless the rap, it’s part of what got us on the radio I guess,” Lee says. “At least according to all the rules of radio that I don’t agree with or understand. The rap wasn’t part of our original idea or sound, it was a compromise in many ways. So to be able to go back to the original vision for the song was great.”

Here’s Evanescence looking moody, with singer Amy Lee far left. Picture: Sony Music Source: Supplied

Here’s Evanescence looking moody, with singer Amy Lee far left. Picture: Sony Music Source: Supplied

It’s not uncommon for an artist to go back and record their songs — Lee embraced being to able to revisit the band’s signature hit after performing it live at every concert they’ve played since it was release.

“The recording of a song that ends being the one you hear the most through history is usually when the song was just freshly written. You’re still learning it yourself and getting used to what the notes are and how the parts go. That’s true for Bring Me to Life for sure. After doing it live for so long there’s different vocal choices I’ve made and different things we got to use in this version.”

And no rap.

“I forget the rap’s there now to be honest,” Lee says. “At the time it was a big issue, it was our first single. I wanted people to understand who we were. That’s a struggle you always fight as an artist. If we only had the one hit, if no one ever heard from us again then nobody would understand who we were. We’ve made it past that point so the rap doesn’t make me angry any more. I’m so glad to put a new version out there without the rap though.”

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WAAF: “Amy Lee of Evanescence sits down for intimate Q&A session in NYC”

Amy Lee from Evanescence performs live at Steinway & Sons

Amy Lee from Evanescence performs live at Steinway & Sons – Facebook: Paste Music & Daytrotter

While in New York City, Evanescence’s Amy Lee sat down with Paste Music for a personal Q&A session at Steinway Hall before venturing off on their Synthesis Live tour on October 14th.

When asked to describe the concept behind Synthesis, Lee said, “This is a total passion project for me. There are so many layers in our music, underneath the huge drums and guitars.” She went on to say, “I’ve always wanted to shine a light on some of the gorgeous David Campbell arrangements and programming elements in our songs, and that idea snowballed into completely re-doing them with full orchestra, not just strings, elaborate programming and experimentation.”

Their upcoming Synthesis album and tour features a modern reworking of some of their classic songs with a full orchestra and electronica elements. The album will also include two brand new Evanescence songs, one of which is the newly released “Imperfection.”

Watch Lee’s full Q&A session below!

Amy Lee from Evanescence live at Steinway Hall in NYC

Amy Lee from Evanescence performs live at Steinway & Sons! More performance sessions and interviews here: https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/pastestudio/cloud/

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Source: WAAF 107.3

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Inside Synthesis: Episode 2 – Imperfection

EVANESCENCE - Inside Synthesis: Episode 2 - Imperfection - Source: YouTube

EVANESCENCE – Inside Synthesis: Episode 2 – Imperfection – Source: YouTube evanescencevideo

In the second episode of “Inside Synthesis”, explore the making of Evanescence’s new single, “Imperfection”!

Source: Evanescence YouTube Channel

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Inside Synthesis: Episode 1 – Introduction

EVANESCENCE - Inside Synthesis: Episode 1 - Introduction - Source: YouTube evanescencevideo

EVANESCENCE – Inside Synthesis: Episode 1 – Introduction – Source: YouTube evanescencevideo

In the first episode of “Inside Synthesis”, hear a bit more about the evolution of the new album!


Source: Evanescence YouTube Channel

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Amy Lee sobre el nuevo album de Evanescence: “Estamos haciendo algo que importe y cree conciencia”


Aunque varias han sido las entrevistas que ha dado Amy Lee en los últimos días mucho no ha dicho sobre el nuevo álbum de Evanescence, y es claro porque, quiere generar expectativa y de paso darle emoción al tour por Sudamérica que puede traer sorpresas.

En esta nueva entrevista con el medio peruano RPP Noticias habla un poco del nuevo trabajo de la banda y como se siente con la situación de inundaciones en Perú.

¿Cómo se sienten de volver a Lima después de 5 años?

Amy Lee: Bueno, ahora mismo estoy pensando en todas las cosas que están pasando en Perú, estoy pensando en ustedes todo el tiempo, viendo las noticias sobre las inundaciones y esperando que todos estén bien. Yo sé que son unas personas muy apasionadas, una cultura de coraje, pero además personas muy amables. Cuando hemos estado allá nos han llenado de regalos y de cosas que representan el país, de arte, de cosas que jamás nos han regalado antes y estamos muy agradecidos por su cariño

El público peruano le tiene un gran cariño a la banda, hay mucha expectativa por su regreso en un festival tan grande, ¿qué esperan ustedes de su show?

Estoy entusiasmada de brindar a los fans peruanos un show con la conformación actual de la banda, porque siento que estamos haciendo sonidos más fuertes. Quiero que nos divirtamos juntos, que disfrutemos del show. Estoy realmente emocionada de llevarles el show, nuevamente.

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Amy Lee conversa con NY Daily News: “Estamos trabajando en algo un poco mas elaborado”

Amy Lee

Amy Lee continua promocionando su nuevo single “Speak To Me” y nuevamente habló acerca del futuro de Evanescence con el periódico New York Daily News.


Y ella no se detiene allí. El mes pasado, ella revelo que Evanescence estaba intentando volver por tercera vez lanzando el single “Even in Death” y ella también compartió en Febrero otro single como solista “Love Exists”.

“Hemos estado tocando de nuevo desde 2015 y tenemos una increíble nueva guitarrista Jen en la banda y esta es la primera vez que tenemos otra mujer en la banda…” ella dijo.

“Estamos en nuevo lugar positivo donde sentimos que cualquier cosa es posible y esa es la verdadera razón de hacer nueva música.”

En cuanto a lo que está en la tienda de Evanescence desde su último regreso en 2011 — Lee dice que sólo tendrás que esperar.

“Estamos trabajado en algo nuevo que planeamos lanzar este año… pero no es solo un nuevo álbum tradicional es algo un poco más elaborado,” ella dijo.

“Si te puedes imaginar que es más elaborado.”

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