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Amy Lee in Music Week Interview: “You can’t even talk about record sales any more, it doesn’t mean anything”


Amy Lee spoke with Music Week about the music industry and Synthesis. Read what she said:

In the new issue of Music Week, we speak to Amy Lee about the return of multi-million selling rock phenomenon Evanescence and their highly-anticipated new album, Synthesis. Only their fourth studio release in 14 years, the record sees Evanescence – completed by bassist Tim McCord, drummer Will Hunt and guitarists Troy McLawhorn and Jen Majura – present new material alongside re-recordings of some of their most defining songs, all with orchestral accompaniment.

Lee told Music Week that while Synthesis explores the group’s latent orchestral potential with long-term collaborator David Campbell, it was also a chance to show how far their musical skills have developed.

“There’s a lot of musical skill that I personally didn’t have,” said Lee. “When we were writing Bring Me To Life I was 19! So just the musical ability that I had when I was 19 as a writer, as a singer, as an everything, I can do all that stuff better now because we’ve had all this time and experience. In addition, living inside those songs live for all these years, it just forever gives you ideas.”

Lee also opened up about the prospect of following the blockbusting success of her past, with Evanescence’s 2003 debut selling 1,324,026 copies to date in the UK according to Official Charts Company data.

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Sonic Seducer Magazine interview Amy Lee about Synthesis

Amy Lee - Sonic Seducer Magazine

Today Sonic Seducer Magazine released a video interview with Amy Lee talking about the new Evanescence album “Synthesis”. The full story is coming in the Sonic Seducer issue from November.

Watch the video and the transcription below: continue reading

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New photos from Synthesis photoshoot

Photo by P. R. Brown

Photo by P. R. Brown

New photos from Synthesis photoshoot were added to the gallery!.

Photoshoots > Photoshoots 2017 > Session #01

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Tele13: “La mala suerte de Amy Lee de Evanescence: Ganó millonaria demanda, pero su dinero se esfumó”

La artista ganó una demanda por un millón de dólares. Sin embargo, asuntos legales le impedirán disfrutar la totalidad de su dinero.

Amy Lee

La vocalista de Evanescence, Amy Lee ganó una millonaria demanda. Sin embargo, existe una razón por la cual no se puede celebrar.

En primer lugar, la empresa 110 Management Inc demandó a la cantante por un millón y medio de dólares por comisiones y tarifas no pagadas. Luego 110 Management bajó su monto a 335 mil dólares. Finalmente el juez dictaminó que Amy solo debía cinco mil dólares.

Sin embargo, luego de eso Amy Lee demandó a la empresa para que pagaran los servicios de su abogado durante el proceso judicial. El juez estuvo de acuerdo con la artista y le concedió la demanda por un millón de dólares, cuenta TMZ.

Lo curioso está en que de ese millón, 885 mil dólares son para pagar los honorarios del abogado, 72 mil en un testigo experto y otros costos administrativos, por lo que la artista solo podrá disfrutar 43 mil dólares.

Fuente: Tele13

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TMZ: “Evanescence singer Amy Lee recovers $1 million in lawsuit”


Amy Lee

Evanescence singer Amy Lee just scored ONE MILLION BUCKS in a lawsuit … but there’s a catch.

First, the backstory: 110 Management Inc. sued Amy last year for unpaid commissions and fees. 110 originally sought $1.5 mil from the singer, and eventually lowered the demand to $335k. An arbitrator finally ruled the management co. was only owed only $4,863.66.

Fast-forward to 2017 … Amy fought to get 110 to pay her lawyer fees for drawn out legal battle.

The judge agreed she got screwed, and awarded Amy $1,036,773.68 … but that’s all going to her legal expenses — $885k in attorney fees, $72k in an expert witness and other administrative costs.

So … congrats?

Source: TMZ

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Inside Synthesis: Episode 4 – Lindsey Stirling in new track “Hi-Lo”

Lindsey Stirling

In a new episode of “Inside Synthesis”, where Evanescence shows us how the new album was made, we can see the famous violinist Lindsey Stirling participate in one of the two new Synthesis songs, “Hi-Lo”.

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