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First reviews of Synthesis album


The long-awaited release of the album Synthesis has already happened and here we compile some of the first reviews made by the media.

Chad Bowar from Loudwire describes Synthesis as “grandiose and bombastic in parts, quiet and subdued in others”:

“As to the songs they selected to give the orchestral treatment, there are some of the hits from their three albums, but they are not one I wish they would have done is”Going Under.” It’s interesting to hear “Bring Me to Life”as a classical track without the male rap parts.” “My Immortal” and “Lost in Paradise” are a couple of their well-known songs that are included in this set.

“Some of the songs that work best in this format are lesser-known tracks like the heartfelt “Imaginary” from Fallen and The Open Door‘s “Lacrymosa,” which features a great performance from Lee that goes from reserved to all out belting. Her performance is outstanding, with her powerful pipes never overshadowed by the orchestra.

“The two new songs are the subdued “Hi-Lo” that features a guest appearance from violinist Lindsey Stirling and the album closer “Imperfection.” The latter has been released as a single, and its classical base has a lot of EDM and hip -hop influences.

“The production on the album (handled by Lee and Will Hunt) is excellent. It’s great and bombastic in parts, quiet and subdued in others, and working with so many instruments when recording and mixing an album is tricky Evanescence are currently on tour playing the album with an orchestra, and having had the chance to see them, this reviewer highly recommended checking it out. As dynamic and compelling as Synthesis is on record, it’s even more so live, especially with Lee‘s charismatic performance”.

EVANESCENCE - Inside Synthesis Episode 1 - Introduction

On the other hand Maddy Glenn of Noizze UK anticipates that “the live performance of this epic album is going to be an opportunity not to miss”, giving 9 of the total of 10:

Synthesis is the first studio album Evanescence have released in the last 7 years and they are undoubtedly back with a bang. The quintet are well known for their impressive soundscapes and big numbers, but this new album redefines the term ‘epic’. The record sees the band collaborating with a full orchestra. With only 2 new songs on the album (Imperfection and Hi-Lo), they have taken old songs from their four studio albums and reworked them. They will be touring the new album in March and April 2018, accompanied by a full orchestra.

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Amy Lee en Loudwire: “Hay Evanescence en el futuro”

Amy Lee habló del futuro de Evanescence con Loudwire. Revisa la traducción de la entrevista, junto con el vídeo aquí.

¡Tenemos buenas noticias para los fans de Evanescence!. La reina del rock, Amy Lee, recientemente vino a nuestro estudio para una entrevista y prometió a sus fans que “hay Evanescence en el futuro”.

En Halloween del 2015, nosotros reportamos que Amy Lee no tenía planes para hacer un album nuevo de Evanescence. La cantante se ha enfocado estos dos años en ser mamá, en trabajar en varias canciones cinematográficas y hacer covers de unas canciones clásicas. En Agosto del 2016, Evanescence emocionó a sus fans cuando anunció un tour al largo mes en los Estados Unidos pero todavía no está claro que vendrá en el futuro.

Amablemente, Amy nos dio pistas de algunos de los planes para el futuro. “Hay Evanescence en el futuro”, comienza Lee.
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Amy Lee en el Top 50 Hard Rock + Metal de Vocalistas Femeninas de Todos los Tiempos

Loudwire situa a Amy Lee en el 8vo lugar en el listado de las 50 mujeres vocalistas de bandas hard rock + metal de todos los tiempos. En la cuenta también comparte con Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), Shirley Manson (Garbage), Gwen Stefani (No Doubt) e incluso las legendarias Joan JettStevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) y Janis Joplin.

El rock and roll, no se tiene ni que decir, es un reflejo de la vida real – incluyendo además que las mujeres suelen tener que trabajar el doble para recibir el reconocimiento adecuado en un mundo dominado por los hombres.

8. Amy Lee (Evanescence)

“With the mega-smash “Bring Me to Life,” from Evanescence’s 2003 debut, ‘Fallen,’ Amy Lee proved that there was room for a highly talented woman in the male-dominated world of 21st century hard rock at the time. But the Arkansas-based vocalist proceeded to make good on her auspicious start, enjoying continued success unto the present day, attaining millions of fans along the way with her distinct, ethereal voice.”


8. Amy Lee (Evanescence)

“Con el mega-éxito “Bring Me to Life,” del álbum debut de Evanescence del 2003, ‘Fallen’, Amy Lee demostró que había espacio para una mujer de gran talento en el mundo dominado por los hombres del hard rock del siglo 21 en el momento. Pero la cantante originaria de Arkansas procedió a hacer bien en su auspicioso comienza, disfrutando de un éxito hasta el día de hoy, llegando a millones de fans en el camino con su distintiva y etérea voz”.

Fuente: Loudwire

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