First reviews of Synthesis album


The long-awaited release of the album Synthesis has already happened and here we compile some of the first reviews made by the media.

Chad Bowar from Loudwire describes Synthesis as “grandiose and bombastic in parts, quiet and subdued in others”:

“As to the songs they selected to give the orchestral treatment, there are some of the hits from their three albums, but they are not one I wish they would have done is”Going Under.” It’s interesting to hear “Bring Me to Life”as a classical track without the male rap parts.” “My Immortal” and “Lost in Paradise” are a couple of their well-known songs that are included in this set.

“Some of the songs that work best in this format are lesser-known tracks like the heartfelt “Imaginary” from Fallen and The Open Door‘s “Lacrymosa,” which features a great performance from Lee that goes from reserved to all out belting. Her performance is outstanding, with her powerful pipes never overshadowed by the orchestra.

“The two new songs are the subdued “Hi-Lo” that features a guest appearance from violinist Lindsey Stirling and the album closer “Imperfection.” The latter has been released as a single, and its classical base has a lot of EDM and hip -hop influences.

“The production on the album (handled by Lee and Will Hunt) is excellent. It’s great and bombastic in parts, quiet and subdued in others, and working with so many instruments when recording and mixing an album is tricky Evanescence are currently on tour playing the album with an orchestra, and having had the chance to see them, this reviewer highly recommended checking it out. As dynamic and compelling as Synthesis is on record, it’s even more so live, especially with Lee‘s charismatic performance”.

EVANESCENCE - Inside Synthesis Episode 1 - Introduction

On the other hand Maddy Glenn of Noizze UK anticipates that “the live performance of this epic album is going to be an opportunity not to miss”, giving 9 of the total of 10:

Synthesis is the first studio album Evanescence have released in the last 7 years and they are undoubtedly back with a bang. The quintet are well known for their impressive soundscapes and big numbers, but this new album redefines the term ‘epic’. The record sees the band collaborating with a full orchestra. With only 2 new songs on the album (Imperfection and Hi-Lo), they have taken old songs from their four studio albums and reworked them. They will be touring the new album in March and April 2018, accompanied by a full orchestra.

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¡Synthesis version of “Lacrymosa” is released!


As described by Alternative Press, an emotional and new version of Lacrymosa was released yesterday as the third promotional song from Synthesis.

“Instead of distorted guitars and rock drums, the tracks gained full orchestration and electronic beats. This experimentation is clear on the emotional version of “Lacrymosa” the band is sharing.”

“The song is off 2006’s The Open Door, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard and features singles “Call Me When You’re Sober” and “Lithium” as well.”

Hear the new song from YouTube below:

Listen (on Spotify or Apple Music) or pre-order (on iTunes) the new album here!

Source: Alternative Press

Dazed with Amy Lee: “Evanescence’s Amy Lee on drama and going back with Synthesis”

Amy Lee

We meet the rock icon to talk about the band’s new album, working with women and the beast that is fame

For those among us who were watching Kerrang! religiously in 2003, there likely isn’t a more memorable image than that of Evanescence’s Amy Lee scaling a giant building in a flimsy nightie while screaming save me from the nothing I’ve become into the night. “Bring Me to Life”, with its huge chorus, guitars, and rock-rap went quickly platinum, brought Evanescence to global relevance, and ensured that they wouldn’t ever be forgotten. Even if that’s the only song of theirs you know, the opening piano is probably more than enough to get you amped up enough to start screaming (badly) along.

Evanescence followed 2003’s Fallen, their most commercially successful album, with The Open Door in 2006. After a hiatus and another change in line-up, the band returned in 2011 with Evanescence before going back on hiatus. Now, in 2017, the band are very much back – and while their continued legacy is thanks in part to their huge, dramatic sound and that one, timeless banger, it’s more than anything thanks to their one remaining original member: Amy Lee. In a scene and genre full to the brim with men, Amy Lee, with her outrageously impressive voice and dramatic gothic decadence, was instantly iconic.

Amy Lee has been busy in the last few years with solo work including film scores and a children’s album. But now, Evanescence, with new guitarist Jen Majura, are well and truly back. This November they’ll release Synthesis, a reworking and re-recording of some of their biggest hits (yes, including “Bring Me To Life”) with a full orchestra and electronics. It also includes brand new songs, and is the precursor to more new music and a full tour from the band. We spoke to Amy Lee, eternal alt icon, about Synthesis, why it was the right time to revisit their old work, and being a very famous woman in music since she was just 21.

The new album sounds and feels very Björk-esque, that mix of electronic with strings. Not identical, it’s your own thing, but similar.

Amy Lee: I’m a huge Björk fan, I’ll take that as a huge compliment. I think the difference might be taking that traditional Evanescence sound which has those indulgently dramatic and epic moments. Going full on with them, sometimes I feel like the drama is all a little bit too much these days. I guess part of that’s just growing up as your tastes change. This album was an outlet to go, ‘You know what, we’re just going to go completely nuts with it and let the orchestra do all of that stuff we were hinting at before and go ahead and be a little bit more classical and dramatic and make the piano parts even more Mozart inspired. Just kind of tricky crazy old school.’ It was just really fun, it’s a fun project. I’m looking forward to doing it live. I’m a little bit nervous, it’s definitely different and asking a little bit more of myself and everyone. But I’m excited.

Why did you decide to rework your old songs on Synthesis?

Amy Lee: Our music from the beginning has always had the elements of very intricate and beautiful arrangements by David Campbell, but it also has this other side of the electronic programming that I really love. In fact, most of what I listen to is in that world. Once we put everything on there; the guitars, the big rock drums, you go through all the different levels of production to the point that you have the finished product of the song but a lot of that beautiful intricate stuff gets kind of buried. Many times I’ve left the studio and wished I had a mix just of the string arrangements and the programming together with vocals because there’s something really beautiful about that. I think that was my initial thought but that snowballed into something a lot bigger, because going back in with David Campbell he completely rearranged these songs in a way that takes the whole orchestra and lets it fill in all this space that isn’t taken up by the full band at full power all the time.

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WAAF: “Amy Lee of Evanescence sits down for intimate Q&A session in NYC”

Amy Lee from Evanescence performs live at Steinway & Sons

Amy Lee from Evanescence performs live at Steinway & Sons – Facebook: Paste Music & Daytrotter

While in New York City, Evanescence’s Amy Lee sat down with Paste Music for a personal Q&A session at Steinway Hall before venturing off on their Synthesis Live tour on October 14th.

When asked to describe the concept behind Synthesis, Lee said, “This is a total passion project for me. There are so many layers in our music, underneath the huge drums and guitars.” She went on to say, “I’ve always wanted to shine a light on some of the gorgeous David Campbell arrangements and programming elements in our songs, and that idea snowballed into completely re-doing them with full orchestra, not just strings, elaborate programming and experimentation.”

Their upcoming Synthesis album and tour features a modern reworking of some of their classic songs with a full orchestra and electronica elements. The album will also include two brand new Evanescence songs, one of which is the newly released “Imperfection.”

Watch Lee’s full Q&A session below!

Amy Lee from Evanescence live at Steinway Hall in NYC

Amy Lee from Evanescence performs live at Steinway & Sons! More performance sessions and interviews here:

Posted by Paste Music & Daytrotter on martes, 3 de octubre de 2017

Source: WAAF 107.3

<strong>Amy Lee</strong> cuenta como se hizo <em>“Dream Too Much”</em> junto con su familia

Amy Lee cuenta como se hizo “Dream Too Much” junto con su familia

Hoy Domingo (25) el sitio Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette publicó una entrevista con Amy Lee. En ella habla sobre Dream Too Much, su nuevo album infantil, sobre como se logró el disco y se involucró toda su familia. En la entrevista también se habla del lamentable diagnostico de Parkinson de su padre y del boxset vinilo de Evanescence.

Amy LeeUn regalo para el cumpleaños número 60 del padre de la cantante de Evanescence Amy Lee se convirtió en algo completamente distinto.
Dream Too Much, el divertido e ingenioso disco infantil de 12 canciones — que será lanzado por Amazon Originals el Viernes — comenzó como un simple viaje al estudio Spaceway Productions en Fort Worth con su padre, John, y su tío, Tom.

Los Lee, quienes se mudaron a Maumelle cuando Amy tenía 13 años, ustedes saben que son un puñado musical. John, un DJ y locutor, toca un gran número de instrumentos, y Tom toca con una banda llamada The Tree Frogs en Orlando, Florida. Incluso habían estado en un grupo juntos cuando estaban en la escuela secundaria, por lo que pensaron realmente que entrar al estudio juntos después de todos estos años sería una humorada.

Como bonus, la música sería también un regalo para Jack, el pequeño hijo de Amy.

Portada Dream Too MuchAsí que gracias a la sugerencia de su esposo, Josh Hartzler, el tiempo fue agendado con su amigo productor Will Hunt en Fort Worth y los Lee grabarían un par de temas y estaría listo. ¡Felíz cumpleaños papá!.
Pero, como Amy, de 34 años, explica, algo hizo clic y el proyecto privado de una sola vez se convirtió en un álbum de gran escala, aunque uno dirigido a los más pequeños. “Fuimos y tuvimos una sesión por un par de días y lo pasamos muy bien”, dice desde su hogar en Brooklyn. “Estaba sonando muy bien y se convirtió en una bola de nieve llegando a un disco entero que es el anunciado actualmente. Es realmente bello, algo natural”.

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¡Nuevo Vinyl Boxset Especial de Evanescence es confirmado!

¡Nuevo Vinyl Boxset Especial de Evanescence es confirmado!


Varios rumores estaban dando vuelta desde hace varios días. Incluso se había filtrado una imagen, pero todo se había ido por el piso cuando las notas se sacaron de internet.

A pesar de todo esto, la banda hoy confirmó el diseño del tan comentado Boxset Vinilo que Amy Lee anunció en varias entrevistas.

El boxset vinilo de titulo “The Ultimate Collection”, contendrá a los tres álbum LP de la banda (Fallen, The Open Door y Evanescence), además del EP Origin y una nueva versión de Even In Death!. Es posible que sea la versión acústica que la banda estuvo tocando en sus más recientes presentaciones.



The rumors are true! We are very excited to announce that we are releasing a very special vinyl boxset this Fall that includes all of our albums + Origin + a brand new recording of Even in Death and more!

Stay tuned for official pre-order info!



Los rumores son ciertos! Estamos muy emocionados de anunciar que estamos lanzando un boxset vinilo muy especial este otoño que incluye todos nuestros discos + Origin +  un nueva grabación de Even in Death y mucho más!

Manténgase atento para obtener información oficial de la preventa!


The Ultimate Collection (6 LP Set)

Regular price $124.98 | Buy it here

Please note: This box set is a pre-order. It is expected to begin shipping sometime in January. 

Slipcase with die-cut of the classic Evanescence ‘e’ logo Features glow in the dark art elements.
Casebound book – 52-page collectible art portfolio Includes never before seen handwritten lyrics and art.
All albums are on black 180-gram heavyweight vinyl.

Previously only available as a limited edition.

Have never been officially released on vinyl

First ever commercial debut and is a vinyl box set exclusive.

Career-spanning collection of b-sides.
Two new vinyl exclusives, “Even In Death (2016)” and “Lost Whispers”.


Track Listings – The Ultimate Collection

Disc 1 – Origin

4.My Immortal
5.Where Will You Go
6.Field Of Innocence
7.Even In Death
10.Away From Me

Disc 2 – Fallen

1.Going Under
2.Bring Me To Life
3.Everybody’s Fool
4.My Immortal
8.Taking Over Me
10.My Last Breath

Disc 3 – The Open Door

1.Sweet Sacrifice
2.Call Me When You’re Sober
3.Weight Of The World
5.Cloud Nine
6.Snow White Queen

Disc 4 – The Open Door

2.Like You
3.Lose Control
4.The Only One
5.Your Star
6.All That I’m Living For
7.Good Enough

Disc 5 – Evanescence

1.What You Want
2.Made Of Stone
3.The Change
4.My Heart Is Broken
5.The Other Side
6.Erase This
7.Lost In Paradise
9.The End Of The Dream
11.Never Go Back
12.Swimming Home

Disc 6 – Lost Whispers

1.Lost Whispers (Intro)
2.Even In Death (2016)
4.Farther Away
5.Breathe No More
6.If You Don’t Mind
7.Together Again
8.The Last Song I’m Wasting On You
9.A New Way To Bleed
10.Say You Will
12.Secret Door

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