Martes, Ago 30, 2016

7CvgTrWKJavo — Admin

Original admin of the fansite from its very beginning in 2007 when this small fansite were just a blog hosted in Blogspot and slowly were turning in something bigger and beatiful. I’m from the south of Chile where I studied and grew up with a very cloudy and changing weather. I meet the band in 2012 in their latest tour ‘Evanescence’ thanks to the fanclub EvTeam Chile <3.

I like biking, trainning hard (freeletics), gym, watch movies, always listening (good) new music, singing and learning more about my career computer science (I’m DBA, web admin and social network passionate).





14348904_10210910112008269_1157573634_nMick — Facebook Contributor, Video & Music Editing

Originally from Santiago, Chile. Degree in Audiovisual Digital Communication. Admin of Evanescence Channel (Youtube), website dedicated to the creation of Medley | Fancam Live | Extended Versions | Orchestal Versions | Acoustic Studio | Experimental.

I like photography, music, design, video and audio editing all focused on communications.





14627856_10210799049915289_925403716_nMario — Facebook Contributor, Web Translator

I’m from Maryland in the US. I study music at Towson University focused in vocal performance. I’m a huge fan of Evanescence. I saw them live in 2012 when they released their third album, Evanescence. I’m going to see them for second time next November 18, 2016, and I’m so excited! I took the opportunity to collaborate with EvTod to share the love we have for Evanescence and meet other fans around the world.

I love all the ways of self expression such as art, music, and dance. I have great interest in computer science and I want to study it in the future. I am bilingual and almost trilingual! I speak English, Spanish and a little French. My favorite song from Evanescence is Lithium. Which one’s yours?





14079675_1093119387435332_5728643013154042265_nGerson — Facebook Contributor

I am “El chico del pórtico” (The boy of the porch) XD. Born in Constitución, Chile where I lived my childhood. I currently live Santiago, Chile, student of Graphic Design, career that I love. I am a self-taught person focused on the visual arts, I love music (Evanescence from always), cinema, travel, outdoors, rain, green landscapes, etc. I am also part of the Staff of Evtod and Evteam Chile and met the band on their last tour to Chile in 2012.